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For the traveler at heart, this is a must have! A worn map compass with no markings of directions so  you to find your own way. Available in both Silver and Copper, this is a great piece for your collection. In case you don't wear jewelry, also available as a keychain option!

Remember you can also add a Stone to be placed above/below, on the back, etc. Be sure to check out the items 

Size is 1.75" diameter. 


PriceFrom $35.00
  • The copper option will come with a hemp cord. The Silver will have a silver Chain. 


  • If you would like a stone added to the pendant, please add it separately from the STONE ADDITION items. It is done this way to provide more options while keeping inventory up to date. If you have any questions or would like something else in particular, please contact me. 

    There is a "sold out" Example item with pictures of the stones with various pendants so you can see the size proportions.

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