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I placed an order during your new collection dropping. What is the expected wait time?

The sooner you place the order, earlier in queue you will be as many of these are needing some finishing to your particular requests. I expect it will be 1-2 week from the order date and then these get shipped. We mail under $75 as first class tracked and insured and above is priority. 

Do you carry engagement rings?

Madeira Metalworks can certainly work with you to either find or design your perfect ring, but we do not have these listed on the website. It is far too personal! Please contact us for a consult.

You carry stones. How is that ethical?:
We focus on old stock, closed or low production mines, found stones, and stones that would otherwise go to waste. We also pay attention to the business practices of the lapidarist (stone cutter) and where the stones are being sourced, avoiding places that are known for labor issues and not regulated. We know our suppliers. We also believe lab created stones and synthetic stones area also an option that are the same elements of those found in nature. 



What metal materials are available?



Mokume Gane can be made with many materials, as long as there are 2+ kinds. We work with Silver (fine, sterling, and argentium), White Gold, Red Gold, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, etc. As time goes on we will be expanding to stones and gems as well. All materials are ethically sourced when possible as Madeira Metalworks founder takes great care to leave a small footprint. All precious metals are absolutely ethically sourced. Please feel free to contact with any questions on materials.


​What are the different patterns?

Each ring is  unique, and some items will only be available in particular patterns  but certain styles of patterning are available:

Wood grain              Waves               Four Point Star              Stripes                Speckled          Other

What is the deal with Copper and the Amor Fati products?


Copper is very appealing not only due to the look, but it's lower price tag. Many people are aware that it can turn the finger green, but we can put a silver liner on  bracelets when requested. A unique problem with Mokume Gane and combining of metals on the skin is that when it is added with a more chemically noble metal like silver, and you add an electrolyte like sweat, it creates a charge that wears down the lesser noble of the materials- essentially slowly eroding. Another example is on boats, there is a zinc installed under the water so the charge erodes that piece instead of the metals in the propeller/engine. This problem is most common on rings, which is why our store does not carry them. Amor fati!

Mokume Gane Custom Orders


Just because the options are not listed on this website does not mean that we can not fulfill the request. Please inquire if you have something special in mind (e.g. silverware). If it is possible, we will provide you a quote. The only thing that is off the table is forging a weapon. We are vegan and we do not want harm coming to any human or animal. Thank you for understanding.

Payment and Shipping


Payment is required at the time of order. Shipping costs includes insured tracked shipping with a tracking number and signature required on orders of a certain value to anywhere in the continental US. Internation shipping is an option at a higher charge. 


Returns ​


As the pieces are mostly made to order, we do not accept returns at this time. If desired, we can send pictures along the process to make sure you are pleased with the finished product. If you are unhappy with the product please contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation. For rings purchased from Madeira Metalworks, we will do one free sizing, but shipping both directions will need to be paid. If you are purchasing something from Madeira Metalworks that already exists from an in person event, you have a 30 day return policy and are responsible for shipping charges that may incur. 

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