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Mad Cab Reform

The goal of this program is to provide FREE workshops to all youth, but particularly marginalized groups, ages 5-18. This is to encourage interest in arts while also teaching sciences and building self-confidence. Every student will leave with an item to remember their experience. We certainly want to encourage diversity and provide opportunities otherwise not available. 

Follow for more information check out  Instagram:  @Mad_Cab_Reform

Workshop Dates TBD- starting to plan now!

HOW THIS WORKS: Funding- We will provide free tools and supplies to those who are leading the workshops by selling cabochons on our instagram page. Cabochons (aka Cabs) are cut and polished stones that are not faceted. How to get involved- 1. Purchase cabochons if you are a jeweler or stone collector. It's for a good cause! 2. You can provide a workshop in your area and have the tools/supplies made available. Contact me! Not sure what to do? That's okay. 3. Know a place that would be interested in hosting? Let's help coordinate it! 4. Donate supplies or gift cards for materials.

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