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Madeira Metalworks specializes in custom metalwork projects and mokume gane design. Mokume gane is a 17th century Japanese artform of patterning metal. We use at least two kinds and carefully fuse them together while keeping their distinct layers. We twist, we etch, and we forge out different patterns. It is a handmade unique piece of art.  Of course if there is something special you would like and it's not mokume gane, that's fine too and we are happy to take unique requests. We also carry a nice selection of more classic rings, and have many more available options.


​In 2013  the founder (Alissa) was looking for a wood ring but realized it would not be durable enough for the daily use required for a wedding ring. Then she found mokume gane, which translates in Japanese to 'wood grain metal'. As her wife speaks Portuguese, Madeira which means wood seemed an appropriate name. Keeping up with the love and appreciation of nature, we make sure all our precious metals are ethically sourced when possible.

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